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What are Low-Code No-Code IoT Development Platforms?

With the rise in popularity of the concept of IoT, many organizations and individuals are looking to use IoT for their benefit. The easiest way to incorporate IoT into your business or personal life is through an IoT development platform.

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ARM Cortex A7

Arm Cortex with Octa Core Processor Single Board Computers

In the SBC business, AI and IoT are gaining traction since they are a combination of interconnected hardware, software, services, and connectivity that operates together as a larger solution. Though the Raspberry Pi remains popular, there is a growing need

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CAN equipped add-ons for Raspberry Pi Zero and Pico

Copperhill has developed two CAN boards for Raspberry Pi Zero and Pico. PiCAN FD zero board is a HAT for Raspberry Pi Zero and has 1A SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply). Further, the second board which is CANPico is a

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Artificial Intelligence

Raspberry Pi PC: DIY Guitar Pedal using NeuralPi

NeuralPi is a project where a Raspberry Pi mini PC can be used to emulate any guitar pedal, the Ibanez TS9 in this case. This project mainly consists of Raspberry Pi 4, Hifi Berry ADC + DAC, Elk Audio OS

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Review: Himax WE-I Plus EVB Low-Power AI Development Board

Himax WE-I Plus EVB is an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) platform solution with an embedded AI accelerator for application developers. The WE-I Plus helps application developers to create and deploy convolutional neural networks (CNN)-based machine learning (ML) models for AIoT

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Xilinx Kria SOM and Vision AI starter kit

XILINX Kria Platform Brings AI Acceleration to the Edge

Xilinx has entered the System on Module (SOM) markets with the Xilinx Kria SOM and Vision AI starter kit. Xilinx Kria SOM K26 is a new way of deploying Xilinx platforms. It comes along with pre-built hardware, software that are…

MirkoPC with raspberry pi compute module 4

Raspberry Pi Computer Desktop MirkoPC can Boot NVMe SSD Storage

MirkoPC is a project developed by Mirek, a Polish developer. It is a Raspberry Pi desktop computer based on Compute Module 4 (CM4). Further, the developer is branding the MirkoPC board under Mirko Electronics. However, being an open-spec board,…

Pinuora Raspberry Pi 4 carrier board

Open-Spec Piunora Raspberry Pi 4 Carrier Board

Piunora, an open-source carrier board, is based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. Crowd Supply funded this board on 11th May 2021 with the goal of $15000. Further, this easy-to-use development board works well for electronics prototyping with Linux. Moreover,…