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LoRaWAN Helps IoT Development Platforms to Optimize Smart Cities

With the rise in IoT Development Platforms, it has become easier to monitor and control various aspects of day-to-day life. IoT is basically a network of sensors that are capable of reading the environment around it and using that data…


Chhavi is an Arduino-compatible, ESP32-based fingerprint sensor with NFC

Chhavi is simply an outstanding fingerprint sensing hardware, much like the fingerprint sensor in your smartphone, thanks to Fingerprints’ FPC BM-Lite fingerprint sensor and the amazing ESP32. Chhavi is a touch-capacitive, cordless, NFC-enabled fingerprint sensor with extremely low power consumption…

Nezha opensource 64-Bit RISC-V

Nezha Opensource 64-Bit RISC-V Linux SBC for IoT

Nezha is the first 64-bit RISC-V Linux SBC and is IoT friendly. Nezha has been designed for the RV64 open-source community and various IoT applications. However, this RV64 based bootstrap Linux platform is not designed for heavy computation applications. As…

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