Raspberry Pi

adafruit ATtiny1616

Enhance Microcontrollers using Adafruit’s ATtiny1616 Breakout Board

For many applications involving microcontrollers, there might be a need to add more peripheral devices than the number of pins permitted. There is also an option to migrate to an SBC (Single-Board Computer) like Raspberry Pi. Nevertheless, it is possible…


Adafruit’s RP2040 Boards: USB Hosting and CAN Bus Connectivity

Use cases that provide USB usually have rich connectivity, and the USB host function allows device compatibility and further customization of the application depending on the requirements. Also, the industry demands efficiency in applications related to connected control systems at…


CAN equipped add-ons for Raspberry Pi Zero and Pico

Copperhill has developed two CAN boards for Raspberry Pi Zero and Pico. PiCAN FD zero board is a HAT for Raspberry Pi Zero and has 1A SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply). Further, the second board which is CANPico is a…