About Open Cloudware

Open Cloudware is a technology platform for embedded systems with an emphasis on current trends in electronic hardware, product launches, reviews, crowdfunding projects, and related open source technology hardware.

The website started with the motive of gathering all the embedded systems news and AI/ML software developments in one place for our tech professionals and hobbyists. 

You will find how-tos, tutorials, and deep dives on single-board computers and new technological advancements. We also cover trending and popular projects that will help the community see the use-case of a particular board.

The software team takes care of the software that is necessary for the set-up of development boards and continuing with this we are motivated to write deep dives on explaining particular technology and specific releases. 

As part of the hardware side, the team works rigorously on the development boards, reviews, crowdfunding hardware projects, and some trending projects that should help everyone in the community.

You can find the latest news, reviews, and projects on hardware development boards on Open Cloudware, as well as software development, to get started with your hardware.

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