Antmicro ARVSOM RISC-V Module

Antmicro ARVSOM RISC-V Module that supports Linux OS

Antmicro, a RISC-V adopted software company, has released the first embedded Linux-based RISC-V product. The ARVSOM module is RPi CM4 compliant and runs Linux on the StarFive 710 SoC, which is based on RISC-V architecture. For clustering projects, the ARVSOM…


Perf-V Beetle board features a multicore RISC-V MCU for AI edge computing

Yet another RISC-V-based development board with GreenWaves Technologies’ powered chip has brought us the Perf-V Beetle board for AI edge computing. The board features its GAP8 IoT application processor, which is built around a multicore RISC-V AI MCU. Perf-V Beetle…

TinyS2 Development Board

TinyS2 Development Board boosts performance with ESP32-S2 MCU

We have recently seen a development board based on the ESP32-C3 chip that provides wide capabilities to build exciting projects. To continue with the integration of Espressif SoCs, this new TinyS2 development board has come up with an ESP32-S2 SoC…