BLUETRUM AB32VG1 Development Board

Bluetrum’s AB32VG1 is Arduino Uno-like RISC-V Based Development Board

Bluetrum, a company known for its high-performance Bluetooth speakers and headsets, had announced to work on open source and popular RISC-V core. So, this Chinese chip manufacturer has been working on an AB5301A Bluetooth RISC-V MCU based development board. The…

SiFive P550 RISC-V

P550: SiFive’s High-Performance RISC-V Core

The SiFive Performance family has come up with two new processors, P270 and P550. The P270 core is SiFive’s first processor, which is Linux capable. While P550 is SiFive’s highest performance processor to date. The renowned semiconductor company has announced…


Kuma200 – A RISC-V Based Extreme Wide Angle Multi Camera AI Sensor

The KUMA200 is the new extreme wide-angle multi-camera AI sensor from the Belgium-based company Metal. The Canaan’s Kendryte K210 dual-core RISC-V processor with a neural network coprocessor powers a compact multi-camera sensor. The AI sensor’s design intent is for low-power…

Nezha opensource 64-Bit RISC-V

Nezha Opensource 64-Bit RISC-V Linux SBC for IoT

Nezha is the first 64-bit RISC-V Linux SBC and is IoT friendly. Nezha has been designed for the RV64 open-source community and various IoT applications. However, this RV64 based bootstrap Linux platform is not designed for heavy computation applications. As…

Antmicro ARVSOM RISC-V Module

Antmicro ARVSOM RISC-V Module that supports Linux OS

Antmicro, a RISC-V adopted software company, has released the first embedded Linux-based RISC-V product. The ARVSOM module is RPi CM4 compliant and runs Linux on the StarFive 710 SoC, which is based on RISC-V architecture. For clustering projects, the ARVSOM…


Perf-V Beetle board features a multicore RISC-V MCU for AI edge computing

Yet another RISC-V-based development board with GreenWaves Technologies’ powered chip has brought us the Perf-V Beetle board for AI edge computing. The board features its GAP8 IoT application processor, which is built around a multicore RISC-V AI MCU. Perf-V Beetle…

TinyS2 Development Board

TinyS2 Development Board boosts performance with ESP32-S2 MCU

We have recently seen a development board based on the ESP32-C3 chip that provides wide capabilities to build exciting projects. To continue with the integration of Espressif SoCs, this new TinyS2 development board has come up with an ESP32-S2 SoC…

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