WISE-1510-DOM DeviceOn Module Sensor’s Fast Track to Cloud

WISE-1510-DOM DeviceOn Module

The WISE-1510-DOM DeviceOn Module is Advantech’s new wireless module for sensor-to-cloud connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT). Having a dynamic configuration, this wireless module has an industry-standard form factor (M.2 TYPE 2230-D3-E) and does not require any programming. “Further, the WISE-1510-DOM DeviceOn Module is a ready-to-use combination of hardware modules and smart device firmware, enabling rapid deployment of custom or semi-custom sensors.”

Interference and Peripherals

The WISE-1510-DOM DeviceOn Module is a 22mm x 30 mm sized M2 com-complaint module based on STM32L443RC ARM Cortex-M4 processor from STMicroelectronics. This processor system contains 64KB RAM and 256KB Flash memory. Moreover, the module uses LoRa WAN wireless technology that works using an MHF4 antenna connector. Besides, Advantech’s wireless module works on 863-870MHz for Europe (LoRaWAN) and 902-928MHz for North America (LoRaWAN) frequencies. The other peripherals include UART, I2C and around eight general-purpose I/O ports. In addition, there are four ADC channels that make the WISE-1510-DOM DeviceOn Module suitable for interfacing with sensors. Lastly, the PWM, SPI and USB interfaces make performing configuration updates, simpler.

Software Functionality and connectivity

“The WISE-1510-DOM allows sensor designers to easily integrate LoRaWAN long-range connectivity into their devices.” Advantech’s wireless module utilizes low power during its transmit and receive modes. Besides, it has a deep-sleep mode which draws around only 36µA. It uses Semtech’s SX1276 for establishing the LoRaWAN network. Moreover, Advantech plans to include Bluetooth and Wifi modules in later versions of WISE-1510-DOM. The module has a dynamic configuration and performs sensor and event handling, data caching, event-based or bulk transfer. Further, this low powered IoT module has the capability to completely map a low powered network.

WISE-1510-DOM DeviceOn Module

Features of WISE-1510-DOM DeviceOn Module Sensor

The WISE-1510-DOM DeviceOn Module has a fully integrated Micro Controller Unit, a certified radio and firmware stack for out-of-the-box DeviceOn connectivity. Further, the module is easily configurable through the graphical user interface and hence no programming is necessary. This low-cost IoT module is flexible as it supports a number of sensor types and deployment. The WISE-1510-DOM DeviceOn Module has a wide temperature operating range of about -40 to 85 °C. Besides, it supports multiple interfaces for sensors and I/O control while working on Low Power Wide Range Applications.

Advantech’s WISE-1510-DOM DeviceOn module is available in three evaluation kits. These include a board only option, the boards with an enclosure, or the boards with an enclosure and a WISE-6610-E100-A LoRaWAN gateway allowing scalability up to 100 nodes. They also offer a selection of three compatible DeviceOn Module sensor boards which assist in fast-tracking sensor development. These include firstly the DOM-SB-001 for temperature, humidity, and brightness sense. Secondly, the DOM-SB-003 which combines a brightness sensor with time-of-flight proximity and ranging sensor. Lastly the DOM-SB-004 for air quality and brightness sensing.

One can look for more details at Advantech’s site, which is the source for all images and technical specifications.

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