14 MAR 2023

Enhance Microcontroller Capacity Using Adafruit’s New ATtiny1616 Breakout Board With Seesaw Firmware, At Just $4.95

The board makes it easier to work with electronic components or other devices that have a small form factor, non-standard pinouts, or shaky timing protocols. For example, handling of shaky timing protocol in Neopixel communication with microcontroller/SBC

Adafruit's ATtiny1616 breakout board is designed to add additional capability to microcontrollers in real time.

Hardware features are: – 16 KB flash memory – 2 KB RAM – 256B program-accessible EEPROM – 20MHz internal oscillator – 3.3V regulator for the breakout board

The ATtiny1616 breakout board: - Comes with Seesaw firmware. - Allows for an I2C interface between peripherals and microcontrollers. - Peripheral code pre-programmed. - I2C interface improves time sensitivity.

Its features with this default programming are: – 12 x GPIO pins – 9 ADC inputs – 5 PWM outputs – 1 NeoPixel output – 1 EEPROM with 127B NVM memory – 1 Interrupt output (if peripherals need to trigger) etc.

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