02 MAR 2023

Debugging Pico Using SWD And UART With The New Raspberry Pi Debug Probe, At Just $12

- Raspberry Pi Debug Probe was inspired by the trend of using one Raspberry Pi Pico to debug programs running on another.    - Debug Probe compatibility -  any ARM-based microcontroller with 3.3V logic and SWD support.

– Using printf-style debugging  - Through UART – Hardware debugger - Debugging Pico through another Pico’s SWD interface. – Built-in debugging tools for Raspberry Pi Pico - VS Code, Arduino IDE, and Pico C/C++ SDK.

Debugging use cases and methods:

– Micro-USB to UART serial and SWD debugging connections. – Exposes the SWD signals on a three-pin JST connector. – Exposes the UART signals on a second three-pin JST connector.

How Raspberry Pi Debug Probe handles debugging use cases:

– The form factor of Pico Debug Probe is 22mm X 32mm. – USB to two-wire serial debug bridge. – USB to UART bridge. – Nominal I/O voltage - 3.3V. – Operating temperature - 20C to 70C.


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