Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi Bridges Portenta H7’s Computing Capacity on Mega Form Factor

21 MAR 2023

The GIGA R1 WiFi board is a new microcontroller board, launched by Arduino. The board offers advanced computing power and built-in WiFi capabilities. Designed to be compatible with the company's fundamental boards, Mega and Due. The board brings flexibility in the range of use cases and is expected to expand Arduino-based projects.

Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi board is powered by STMicroelectronics’ dual-core microcontroller STM32H7, with its core: – Cortex®-M7 at 480 MHz frequency – Cortex®-M4 at 240 MHz frequency


Portenta H7 Computing at Mega Form Factor


Connectivity of Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi: – USB-A connector for hosting USB sticks – HID devices such as keyboards or mouse – USB-C for powering and programming the board, as well as simulating HID devices – Jtag connector, 2×5 1.27mm – 20-pin Arducam camera connector

Arduino GIGA R1 comes with a Murata module for wireless communication via Bluetooth as well as WiFi.

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