22 MAR 2023

Adafruit’s RP2040-based development boards: RP2040 with USB hosting and YACBB with CAN bus connectivity

– Adds an additional USB port to transfer data autonomously. – Uses one of the Cortex-M0+ cores to set up a USB host (Type-A USB port) for communicating with peripheral devices hardware. – Uses an enhancement of TPS61023 to support 500mA current at 1A peak, making it USB 2.0 compliant.

The first development board is RP2040 development board with USB host capabilities:

CAN protocol is known for its reliability, efficiency, and error detection capabilities, making it useful for applications requiring high data integrity and fault tolerance.

The second development board: YACBB (Yet Another CAN Bus Board) 

Some features of the YACBB are: – RP2040-based development board - CAN bus hardware connections – Includes MCP25625, a single-chip CAN bus controller with1 Mbps speed – Shared SPI port to communicate with peripheral devices

YACBB (Yet Another CAN Bus Board)

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Pricing & Availability:

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