Wappsto:bit BBC micro:bit + ESP32 for easy IoT connectivity

Wappsto:bit BBC micro:bit + ESP32 for easy IoT connectivity

Crowd Supply’s upcoming projects include the Wappsto:bit which is a connectivity companion to the BBC micro:bit. Micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer used for teaching digital skills and computational thinking to students. Coming in four different boards the Wappsto:bit gives micro:bit access to the internet and many other devices. Further, one can experiment with IoT, data science and various functions using Wappsto:bit.

Four Boards

The board line consists of four different boards, including Wappsto:bit GO, Wappsto:bit Basic, Wappsto:bit NB-IoT and Wappsto:bit NB-IoT+. Besides, each one has different features. The table below shows a comparison of all four devices.

comparison between Four Wappsto:bit

Wappsto:bit GO

The Wappsto:bit line’s latest edition board the ‘Wappsto:bit GO’ is compatible with all micro:bit boards. Having the same edge connector as the BBC micro:bit, the device comes with an onboard ESP32. Further, accompanied with Button input and RGB LED, the ESP32 WROOM32 D is programmed using the standard ESP programmer connector. Besides, the board has a USB interface for power and micro:bit programming purposes. Microphone, speaker and the standard micro:bit edge connector for expansion boards are some of the features of this device. Further, the board provides easy access to micro:bit GPIO, power, and ground.

Wappsto:bit GO

Wappsto:bit Basic

The carrier board for BBC micro:bit is the ‘Wappsto:bit Basic’. One can use the connectivity ESP32 offers by just interfacing micro:bit with the basic board through the edge connector.

Wappsto:bit NB-IoT & Wappsto:bit NB-IoT+

Wappsto:bit NB-IoT offers all features given by the basic board. However, there’s an addition of a cellular modem that provides NB-IoT connectivity. Thus it is possible to enable a wide range of new IoT devices and services. Further, the Wappsto:bit NB-IoT+ is the same as the previous board but with a modification of the onboard GPS receiver.

Dashboard Analysis

A Wappsto Dashboard can be used to monitor data, sensor interfacing and various other peripheral signals. One can utilize the pre-programmed binary, and automatically get the required data on Wappsto. Besides, it is possible to design projects and features right from the beginning using this dashboard. Also, it is possible to view this dashboard on your mobile phone, making access way easier. The picture below shows an overview of the dashboard.

Wappsto Dashboard

Programming the Boards

The series of boards can be programmed using Makecode. This Makecode is used for working with BBC micro:bit too. Besides, one can install the Wappsto Extention and use the standard Makecode for integrating ESP32. The picture illustrates a Makecode window.

Wappsto:bit GO Makecode

Learn more about this hardware line on Crowd Supply’s site. Also, the tutorials for these boards are available at the  Academy site. The source for all technical details and pictures is the official product page.

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