Trinamic’s TMCM-1321 Turns a Stepper into a Servo

Trinamic TMCM-1321

Trinamic has developed TMCM-1321, an easy to use, small-sized single-axis servo controller/ driver for two-phase bipolar stepper motors with integrated motion control. The Trinamic TMCM-1321 board turns a stepper into a servo using its magnetic encoders and digital inputs for an optical encoder. 

Technical details

The Trinamic TMCM-1321 works on 9 to 28 V and drives a phase current of about 0.7A RMS. It supports the highest micro-step resolution, up to 256 micro-steps per full step and the a/b/n incremental functions. Moreover, the configuration and control of Trinamic TMCM-1321 are possible through the RS485 bus interface.  The board has a Magnetic encoder chip (AS5047) with a 14-bit resolution (16384 cpr) for position feedback and an onboard ABN encoder interface. The magnetic encoders can be used to attach a suitable magnet to the motor. This enables closed-loop operations. Besides, the TMCM-1321 utilizes EEPROM for storage purposes. Apart from this, the onboard Advanced s-shape ramps hardware motion controller (TMC4361A-LA) allows one to select different ramp shapes. The device also provides an SPI interface and can be used as an advanced SixPoint ramp generator.

Applications of TMCM-1321

The Trinamic TMCM-1321 drivers is in use for various applications. To begin with, it is in usage for Laboratory automation and manufacturing devices. Also, this controller is utilized in Semiconductor handling applications and in robotics. Finally, the TMCM-1321 operates in the Biotechnological and Life Science areas. Testing, measurements and Liquid handling are also among the Trinamic TMCM-1321’s applications.

Trinamic TMCM-1321

Features of TMCM-1321 Drivers

Trinamic TMCM-1321 motor drivers are single-axis stepper motor controllers. It can control hardware motions using different types of ramps. Additionally, TMCM-1321 can function in closed-loop operation. The special features of this controller include DcStep, ChopSync and CoolStep. Further, there are features like SpreadCycle and StealthChop that makes TMCM-1321 suitable for several applications. Lastly, the “StallGuard2 offers sensorless load measurement using the back EMF of the coils and can be used for stall detection.”

Trinamic director Jonas Proeger said, “When selecting an energy-efficient drive, engineers tend to look at servo drives.”  Proeger further added, “However, stepper motors have considerably higher torque than servo motors of comparable size at low speeds. This makes stepper motors well-suited to get rid of a gearbox without losing positioning accuracy when you combine them with closed-loop control. You get the efficiency of a servo motor at the cost of a stepper motor.” 

The Trinamic TMCM-1321 has a dynamic current control property. The board runs smoothly and has efficient operation due to StallGaurd2 and CoolStep features. One can purchase this motor driver that turns a stepper to servo from Trianamic’s official product page. The small 28mm x 28mm x 20mm board works on a bit rate of about 115200bps using the RS485 bus interface. For more details visit Trinamic TMCM-1321site. The source of technical details and pictures is the official product page.

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