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Antmicro ARVSOM RISC-V Module

Antmicro ARVSOM RISC-V Module that supports Linux OS

Antmicro, a RISC-V adopted software company, has released the first embedded Linux-based RISC-V product. The ARVSOM module is RPi CM4 compliant and runs Linux on the StarFive 710 SoC, which is based on RISC-V architecture. For clustering projects, the ARVSOM can be used in place

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LUNA Allows High-Speed USB Analysis and Hacking

A widely used communication protocol these days is the USB. Despite its popularity, the protocol’s analysis and hacking tools are tight. Hence, the ones that are available are usually either costly or difficult to use. With their new offering, Great Scott Gadgets addresses this need.

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BeagleV Development Board Features RISC-V Architecture

Beagle Board has partnered with Seeed and StarFive to bring out the best in their next-generation beagle board – BeagleV development board. This high-performance development board is based on the RISC-V architecture that aims to take open-source to the next level. The manufacturers intend to

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