SparkFun’s STM32 Thing Plus is a simple to use development platform with a smaller footprint

SparkFun STM32 Thing Plus

We have already seen SparkFun, a US-based Electronics launching a ESP32 version of the Thing Plus C development platform. This time the manufacturer has unveiled its latest release, the STM32 Thing Plus. The SparkFun STM32 Thing Plus adds power and accuracy to the user’s creations with its 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 RISC core processor. This module comes with the DFU bootloader, and the manufacturers have relocated a few pins around. These modifications make the board Feather compatible, making the Thing Plus even easier to use.

The SparkFun Qwiic Connect System is a collection of I2C sensors, actuators, shields, and connections with the design intent to make prototyping easier and less error-prone. All Qwiic-enabled boards uses a 4-pin JST connector with a 1mm pitch. This saves PCB area, and the polarized connectors ensure that it can’t be hooked up incorrectly. The STM32 Thing Plus also makes use of the very convenient Qwiic Connect System. Hence, eliminating the need for soldering or shields to connect it to the rest of the system.

SparkFun’s STM32 Thing Plus

The STM32 Thing Plus Board includes a comprehensive range of upgraded I/Os and peripherals. Furthermore, it also includes the DFU bootloader for uploading code. In addition to the USB interface and Qwiic connection, the STM32 Thing Plus includes a 3.3V regulator and LiPo charger. The board also features a 16MB flash and a MicroSD slot for expandable memory.

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All ARM single-precision data-processing commands and data formats are in support by the Cortex-M4 core’s floating-point unit (FPU) single precision. It also includes a memory protection unit (MPU) and a full set of DSP commands to improve application security.

The STM32 Thing Plus is an affordable and simple to use development platform. If one needs more power with a smaller footprint, then SparkFun’s STM32 Thing Plus is the solution. You can get started with your SparkFun STM32 Thing Plus by shopping it from SparkFun’s Store at $29.95. To get started with the development platform, you can refer to the Hookup Guide provided by the manufacturer.

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