Remote-controlled digital LED clock for $230

Indoor digital wall LED clock

Pioneering the design of electronic systems for optical communication, Rousis Systems has developed a remote-controlled indoor electronic digital LED clock, built on a 7-segment compact module featuring several functionalities, including the display of time, temperature, and date.

“The electronic LED timer is suitable for gyms, CrossFit boxes, meetings, meetings, speeches, competitions, etc. It has an elegant appearance thanks to its slim design, while at the same time it is very easy to use,” the manufacturer notes. “It can be placed indoors, whether for official competitions or training, as it has a built-in horn and memory with a choice of countdown time.

Indoor digital wall LED clock

We haven’t seen many remote controlled indoor electronic digital LED clock that features so many functions it can handle. This expensive indoor digital LED clock has multiple functions like an ‘up’ and ‘down’ counter with a buzzer, an optional temperature and humidity sensor, and master-slave network synchronized clocks. The device is capable of wireless connectivity through the internet. These functions make it exceptionally different from all other normal electronic digital LED clocks.

The 43.2×17.2 cm sized clock is controlled through a wireless infrared remote control that lets you decide what you want to display. This high-efficiency, low-power consumption clock is powered by a 12V DC external power supply. The hardware is provided with several connectivity options through the ethernet, RS485, RS232 or wireless RF 869Mhz serial ttl. It also supports the Modbus RTU protocol that primarily uses RS-485 serial interfaces for communications. The device also gets an optional GPS clock sync receiver that can be controlled from the remote.

More details on the working of the LED clock are available on the official website. If you want to buy this $230 digital watch for your indoor application, it is not available via the Tindie product page. Despite the multiple functionalities, it is difficult to justify the price of the watch that you’d want to pay.

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