Drag and Drop Programming Platform For The Raspberry Pi Pico

The award-winning EdTech start-up Piper has introduced the first drag and drop programming platform for all newbies and students to play with Raspberry Pi Pico, also available on your Chromebooks, Macs, and PCs – Piper Make.

The increasing popularity of the Raspberry Pi Pico due to its powerful onboard RP2040 chip has persuaded the embedded industry to push its limits for better and easier usage of the board. One such includes a platform provided by Piper that will be freely available to all, allowing you to build any application on the Raspberry Pi Pico.

“Our mission at Piper has always been to make the process of innovating with technology more accessible,” said Shree Bose, co-founder of Piper. “With the easy drag-and-drop coding interface and projects on our Piper Make platform, the true magic becomes what our users will be able to create and share with the world.”

Piper Make for Raspberry Pi Pico

Even though the piper-made coding interface will be available to the community at no cost, the company has marketed the product with the Piper Monthly Makers Club that comes in various options. Apart from the hardware, the subscription provides you with monthly project tutorials to help you get started.

For those without the hardware (Raspberry Pi Pico), you can opt for the starter kit priced at $30 or the monthly subscription at $20 that provides an 830-point breadboard, LEDs, resistor wires apart from the board. With a monthly or yearly subscription, you will also get new project tutorial releases that allow you to explore the development board’s capabilities.

The free programming interface provides a getting started guide to help you with the basics of electronic hardware and its usage in context to the Raspberry Pi Pico. The Piper Make Coding Interface also provides information on setting up your new Raspberry Pi Pico and going up to solve challenges.

More information on the drag and drop programming platform is available on the official website. If you are interested in joining the Piper Monthly Makers Club, visit the product page for more information.

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