Connect Any Serial Devices to Internet via AXON IoT Platform

Qortex founder Amine Mehdi Mansouri has developed a Wi-Fi and LoRa messaging IoT platform, ‘Axon’, which works on serial communication. “Imagine giving your Arduino or Raspberry Pi the ability to wirelessly send messages just like you do on your smartphone with your friends and family. Sounds good, doesn’t it?” quotes Mansouri being back on Kickstarter, funding for Axon. The board connects any serial devices (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, computer) to the internet. This gives the devices the ability to send messages over long distances wirelessly.

“Using only two UART wires, the small 25 x 30 mm board can be integrated with various projects.” The board works on Python coding. In addition, it plots graphs on MATLAB. Moreover, it is compatible with Axon cloud. It requires as little as 2mins for device setup. Therefore making Axon easy to use. Also, one can use Axon with their MQTT-based servers.


Based on ESP8266, Axon uses the flexibility of Wi-fi along with Axon cloud for data storage and monitoring the UART serial data. For online monitoring purposes, the board can be used as a stand-alone device to send data from sensors (humidity, temperature, liquid level) to the Axon cloud. It creates M2M communication through the Axon cloud when used with microcontrollers (Raspberry Pi, Arduino) or electronic devices that speak serial. This Axon cloud platform helps in the faster building of IoT projects.

The board comes along with an inbuilt USB-C port. Further, the onboard CP2102 USB to TTL and the ESP12-S help in interfacing Axon with electronic devices and other Axon modules. “The Axon is less prone to failure because it is made of high-reliability components,” says Mansouri. Such components on the list are PTC Fuse, Data Switch IC, and 600mA 3.3V LDO.



AXON LoRa Gateway

Using two different versions, an axon can be turned into a gateway. The available models work at 433MHz and 868MHz frequencies. Furthermore, the Modular form factor, channel selection, air rate settings, and WOR mode setting are characteristics of the gateway.  Using axon board and LoRa (up to 3km) a completely functioning IoT LoRa 1 channel gateway can be obtained. It is suited for exchanging data over long distances or places with no availability of Wi-fi or LTE. Also, the possibility of mesh networking helps in IoT enabling devices in remote areas. The board here works on a spread spectrum and can send message signals anywhere. The LoRa Axon gateway can work in four power modes and can carry out multiple transmission modes. These options give one flexibility while working on LoRa projects.

Networking platform for IoT

IFTTT, Node-RED, and Openspace are compatible with the axon board. “Openspace is the first social network platform for IoT devices, a place to share your real-time data with other Axon connected devices. The platform allows you to share & gather data from other users so you can monitor or control other people’s devices using Axon, “stated Mansouri. So, with the help of Openspace and Axon, the creator aims to create social networks for IoT devices. By connecting and creating mesh networks with other devices this can be done. The add-ons include a dual base and Raspberry Pi hat. Therefore, making Axon easier to use with other devices and Raspberry Pi board.

One can back this project at the Kickstarter funding site. Further, the Source for all images and technical specifications is the product page.

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