Chhavi is an Arduino-compatible, ESP32-based fingerprint sensor with NFC


Chhavi is simply an outstanding fingerprint sensing hardware, much like the fingerprint sensor in your smartphone, thanks to Fingerprints’ FPC BM-Lite fingerprint sensor and the amazing ESP32. Chhavi is a touch-capacitive, cordless, NFC-enabled fingerprint sensor with extremely low power consumption and advanced security features. The Arduino IDE is fully compatible with Chavvi’s open-source firmware. Fingerprints biometric sensor is highly precise, small, and consume low-power, unlike optical-based fingerprint sensing, which is excessively bulky and power demanding.

It was decided during the design phase that Near-Field Communication (NFC) is an important aspect of safe access. Since there is no widely accessible NFC + ESP32 controllers, the developers combined all of this, along with a remote-capable battery, into one tiny little gadget called Chhavi.

A Wi-Fi + BLE/BT + USB + Fingerprint detection + NFC + battery-powered module – Chhavi

The fingerprint sensor’s protective sensor coating is scratch and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) resistant. It provides a one-on-one verification mode making it extremely secure. Furthermore, the finger detection functionality assures a durability of 10 million finger placements. It provides scratch resistance to a 4H pencil’s hardness. The active sensing area has dimensions of 8.0×8.0 mm. The finger detect front side has got an IP rating of IPX7. The sensor matrix features a resolution of 160×160 pixels and supports a maximum of 25600 pixels.

chhavi NFC

The sensing hardware requires 900 mA and includes a 3.3V LDO regulator. It features a power path optimized for low-battery usage and supports LiPo battery management. Chhavi is based on a 32-bit dual-core processor operating at 240 MHz, including a 4 MB SPI flash.

Because of its wireless, distant low power, and NFC characteristics, Chhavi is helpful in a variety of fingerprint sensor applications. Chhavi is ideal for PC security, such as encryption systems or local authentications, as well as battery-powered remote systems, and in a variety of services and infrastructure,

For further information on the wireless fingerprint sensor – Chhavi, kindly visit the project’s Crowd Supply website. You can sign up to get notified when the project goes live for crowdfunding.

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