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Raspberry Pi Pico: Retro up with PicoVGA

PicoVGA is a library that can be used with Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller to emulate retro games of the 80’s and the 90’s. PicoVGA is a library that allows output from the Raspberry Pi Pico to a VGA monitor or PAL/NTSC TV. This library is

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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Abhishek Jadhav 1 Dear Rick, I am Saumitra Jagdale, a Global AI Ambassador (Swiss Cognitive) and a Technical Author. Also, I am an open-source contributor for Python projects. I have experience in the field of backend development and open hardware AI. As an…

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Pinuora Raspberry Pi 4 carrier board

Open-Spec Piunora Raspberry Pi 4 Carrier Board

Piunora, an open-source carrier board, is based on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. Crowd Supply funded this board on 11th May 2021 with the goal of $15000. Further, this easy-to-use development board works well for electronics prototyping with Linux. Moreover, the familiar form factor and

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